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Husband Must Eat Black CumKat couldn’t believe that the solution to all of her penis problems had been right there in front of her for so long? How is it that she missed the giant bulge in her landlord’s jeans? Well, now that Kat knows about the heat beneath that zipper of his, she’s going to be insisting on as many house calls as he’s able to make! And, if Kat’s husband knows what’s good for him, he’ll keep his mouth shut or end up with a throat full of cock! (more…)

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Posted By Jason on 05/20/13

Shemales Go Wild OnlineWhen I first saw real shemales in hardcore sex action, I have become their fan for life. This site with shemale cams gives you an unique possibility how to get in touch with them online. Most of the girls are willing and well-skilled, they should do whatever you tell them with no problems. The whole site is categorized and well-organized in general.

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Posted By Jason on 05/20/13

Hung By Her AnklesI love it when I get to post another episode with Bianca Stone, San Francisco’s most popular Hair Fetish Model. She’s really a gem and luckily with this shoot we get to go back in time. Back before I tested Bianca in our most recent Electrosluts Live Shoot. Back to a time when she was one hairy adorable animal for all our electro pleasure. In this episode Mistress Lorelei Lee really wants to know just how far she can push her hairy fuck toy. Suspended by her ankles Lorelei clamps onto Bianca’s pussy and armpit hair with heavy industrial clamps. Then hung an entire buckets of weights, (more…)

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Posted By Jason on 05/05/13

Insatiable Bondage JunkiePetite brunette Juliette has an intense gaze about her. Something that makes you think there are more behind those eyes… a true depraved pervert. No amount of bondage will satiate her need for restraint. She comes back again and again like a junkie chasing the dragon. I like her addiction and I’m interested in feeding the monster. In scene one, Juliette starts out trying to endure the uncomfortable vertical arrangement of a compression bilbo stock pose. In her pretty little dress and fingers white at the knuckles with desperate pressure to alleviate her discomfort, bitch is fucked. She is (more…)

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Posted By Jason on 04/17/13

surprisesIn this fantasy role play update Lou Charmelle plays a wife who is dissatisfied with her sex life. When her husband overhears her talking on the phone about how she wishes he would spice things up and incorporate some of his hot friends, he decides to give her the ultimate birthday surprise, a gang bang! (more…)

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Posted By Jason on 03/28/13

Punished with Rough Anal SexCheating wife punished with rough anal sex and bondage!

The Story: A husband is devastated when he finds out his wife is cheating on him. Out of desperation, he hires an underground specialist to rectify the situation and make her paid for her infidelities. Watch the beautiful Skin Diamond endure intense bondage and rough sex from Xander Corvus in this hot fantasy role play! (more…)

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Posted By Jason on 03/12/13

kinkyCameron knew her husband Marcelo was a sissy, but she had no idea the depths to which Marcelo’s sissyness really sank! Her husband didn’t even flinch when she spread her legs for another man! Well, Marcelo’s dick got hard, but that was simply more evidence for his acquiescence. The only time Cameron saw her husband put up any kind of fight was when she shoved that dick in his mouth. In the future, Cameron is sure he’ll get over even that! (more…)

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Posted By Jason on 03/07/13

Sexy All Natural RedheadJustine is trying really hard to prove herself to be my favorite Electroslut! Tied in a back breaking inverted suspension Justine is under great strain. To make matters more difficult I challenge her love for electricity by strapping her to two wired hot copper pipes, one in her arm pits and the other on the back of her knees. But I’m not easy to please, so an even greater challenge is introduced: the Cattle Prod. I really want to see how bad she really wants to be my favorite. I want to know how far she is willing to go to see that look of sheer (more…)

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