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Posted By Admin on 07/04/18

The title is supposed to be a little play on words but i think it turned out a touch sloppy and probably a lot corny.

Gonzo porn means point of view porn which, without getting too much into the detail and history and boring you shitless is about the filing technique. Having the majority of the camera angles done in such a way that it seems to be from the point of view (PoV) of the first person. Not only is it naturally a lot more immersive which is exactly what you are looking for when you’re fulfilling an erotic fantasy but it also makes better camera angles available.

At Perfect Gonzo then it is exactly about that the name suggests – it is about perfecting this art which I believe they achieve without question. It’s actually noticeable once pointed out and they have gone beyond that as they refine their art. The models are absolutely stunning too, where they find so many good looking people is beyond me at times.

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