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Posted By Karlie on 11/18/18

When I’m watching porn, I want to see things that I’m not doing myself. I want to see shit so extreme I can only fantasize about it. If I just wanted to watch some guy get head, I’d just watch a video of me getting my dick sucked. Know what I mean? I want to see girls that are way out of my league. Ones that are so hot they’d never give me the time of day.

I want to watch them get fucked in ways no girl would ever let me do it. I could just imagine if I told a girl I was going to go balls deep in her asshole and then put my dirty cock directly in her mouth. Every girl I can land would get dressed and walk right the fuck out.

Right now you can take advantage of this 74% off discount to Reality Kings and watch scenarios you could never have happen to you. Shit so fantastic you’d give your right nut to experience just one time.


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Posted By Admin on 11/05/18

I recently wrote about a porn site that had all the features that my girlfriend express to me is required to make it female friendly. Whatever the terminology is I couldn’t really care but it really is simply exactly everything women require form a sexual encounter in life too.

They want the foreplay, the passion, it needs to be sensual and erotic. So it’s important that the quality is good and that attention is paid to the sets and settings too. Everything needs to be appealing and build up into the actual act.

This site I am writing about has is not female friendly by those standards then except in quality all round. The models, sets and setting as well as the actual production quality is top notch but there’s no messing around there, it gets straight to the point. This is hardcore porn and all the emphasis is on the fucking, skip the romance.

From a guy’s point of view, it’s really good and since you can save 73% off with a Hard X discount, I’m inclined to upgrade that rating to superb.

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