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Posted By Admin on 01/29/19

Stepcest is big in porn right now. The demand for adult entertainment featuring various family members fucking each other doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. As a result, sites are popping up all the time dealing with the very taboo topic. DaughterSwap.com takes it to a whole other level though.

I will admit, this is an area of porn that makes me uncomfortable. I like the step sibling smut that is out there, and I am usually quite happy to fap to a step mom joining a step daughter and her boyfriend for some hands-on sex lessons. It’s when the dads get involved that I start wondering if I’m going to hell.

Daughter Swap features men who want to fuck each other’s daughters, so it isn’t always a step parent situation. The men trade daughters and then they all watch each other fucking. Dad’s watch their little girls getting pounded while they blissfully bone her best friend. It’s twisted and titillating.

Get our Daughter Swap discount for up to 80% off. It will save you money if if it won’t save your soul.

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Posted By Trendy on 01/04/19

There are porn addictions, and then there are PORN ADDICTIONS. Some people just can never get enough of the dirtiest, raunchiest content. I can relate. I have so many porn sites bookmarked that my browser crashes when I bring it up sometimes. I didn’t even know that was possible!

Well, my addiction is only going to get worse now that I signed up for the Extreme Movie Pass. It gave me access to over 80 hardcore porn sites! It covers all the major fetishes and takes them to the extreme. Only the biggest cocks in the smallest holes, from every position possible. They currently have over 24,000 movies to browse, as well as over 500,000 hi-res photos. Plus, you can get a 6-month Extreme Movie Pass discount for under $15 if you click our link.

Some of my favorite sites included in the deal are Pervery Clips, Fuck On Street, Crazy Pee Girls, Grandpa Love, Anal French, Naughty Bi, Porn on Stage, Bukkake Orgy, Rio Bang, Czech Superstars, Bound My Bitch, Preggo Lovers, and Real Teen Dolls. There’s something for everyone!


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Posted By Karlie on 01/01/19

I’m an avid porn viewer and every once in a while I like to just scroll around and surf for something new that might get my attention. You just never know what your dick is going to respond to. That’s when I stumbled around Public Disgrace. I’m not going to pretend to have any knowledge whatsoever about this particular niche of porn, but if it’s your thing right now you can save 74% now with a Public Disgrace discount.

This was the most intense and curious porn I’ve ever seen. The women in the videos are stripped down, tied up, often gagged and then taken to very public locations and put on display. Often times she is spanked and even by common people passing by. There are videos where it appear as if anyone that happens to be in the area is free to stick their dick in the action. The girls seem to love the attention even if it’s extremely negative. I’m not going to lie and say that my dick didn’t get hard. In fact, I blew my load before the first video was over.

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Posted By Admin on 12/04/18

All a woman really wants is to be told what to do. I mean, at least in the bedroom, I would be careful trying it out on your wife when it comes to keeping house, but once the bedroom door closes, most ladies need your guidance to truly become the sexual little vixens they truly are.

The women who embrace this and give themselves into full submission and allow themselves to be used as sexual playthings are the ones who truly achieve full sexual satisfaction. And as you can imagine, so do their partners. A man being allowed to be a man, to take control, to stuff these naughty little bitches in every eager hole.

That’s why I use this Dominated Girls discount for 85% off yearly to see beautiful young women with their hot bodies and tight pussies being the submissive good girls they were meant to be. In exclusive explicit videos I get to live out my fantasies and even enjoy an entire network of hot porn sites to get me off to a wide variety of extreme content!

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Posted By Karlie on 11/18/18

When I’m watching porn, I want to see things that I’m not doing myself. I want to see shit so extreme I can only fantasize about it. If I just wanted to watch some guy get head, I’d just watch a video of me getting my dick sucked. Know what I mean? I want to see girls that are way out of my league. Ones that are so hot they’d never give me the time of day.

I want to watch them get fucked in ways no girl would ever let me do it. I could just imagine if I told a girl I was going to go balls deep in her asshole and then put my dirty cock directly in her mouth. Every girl I can land would get dressed and walk right the fuck out.

Right now you can take advantage of this 74% off discount to Reality Kings and watch scenarios you could never have happen to you. Shit so fantastic you’d give your right nut to experience just one time.


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Posted By Admin on 11/05/18

I recently wrote about a porn site that had all the features that my girlfriend express to me is required to make it female friendly. Whatever the terminology is I couldn’t really care but it really is simply exactly everything women require form a sexual encounter in life too.

They want the foreplay, the passion, it needs to be sensual and erotic. So it’s important that the quality is good and that attention is paid to the sets and settings too. Everything needs to be appealing and build up into the actual act.

This site I am writing about has is not female friendly by those standards then except in quality all round. The models, sets and setting as well as the actual production quality is top notch but there’s no messing around there, it gets straight to the point. This is hardcore porn and all the emphasis is on the fucking, skip the romance.

From a guy’s point of view, it’s really good and since you can save 73% with a Hard X discount membership, I’m inclined to upgrade that rating to superb.

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Posted By Admin on 10/15/18

I always feel like the more porn I watch, the more I want to push the envelope. Like I can get off to pretty babes in cute lingerie posing and teasing, for awhile. But if I plan to put some time in and really enjoy myself, I’m going to need some weird shit. And the thing that gets me off no matter how many times I’ve already jerked off that day-is shemales.

I’ve never personally fucked a chick with a dick, in fact, I don’t know if I ever would fuck a chick with a dick. But I know for sure that when I used this TSPlayground discount offer for $30 off instantly I used the fuck out of this network for fap material without a single shred of shame. Maybe I don’t want a cock up my ass, but I definitely want to jerk off to other dudes getting plowed by gorgeous women with big perky tits and hard dicks. Besides, there’s a whole porn network here with a variety of fap fodder for when I’m in the mood for something a little different!

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Posted By Karlie on 10/14/18

I have a very close group of friends. We may not keep in touch as often as we would like. You get busy with life the older you get. But we speak frequently and get together as often as we can. We’ve all kind of been in a sexual slump lately. Some of us are married, others are in long term relationships and then of course you’ve got the bachelors. We all speak freely about sex and our sex lives. Some of us have explored both genders sexually and we’re all interested but only a few have actually tried it out.

One of the guys told us he had a surprise for us. We all got together and had a fun night out. When we got back to his place this stripper came out and she was smoking hot. She got us all hard in a matter of minutes. She took off her clothes and had a cock. We couldn’t believe it.

Take advantage of this TSPlayground discount offer for $30 off instantly and fulfill your curiosity.

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Posted By Admin on 10/14/18

As more cougars increasingly uncover the joys of experiencing extreme sex with young men, it has inevitably opened a can of worms. For one are there going to be enough younger men around to service them? It’s actually a serious question and one that needs an answer. I’ve been looking at a few cougar dating sites and I feel if anything there isn’t enough men for all of them. I’m sure a mature cougar reading this would agree, they want to live life to the fullest and believe it or not, they need your cock to do it.

I know a few of you are going to be those types of men that think a women should stop having sex at a certain age. You know what? pull your head out from under that rock. They’re going to suck and fuck no matter what your pretty little head thinks about it. I think if you can’t be part of the solution then don’t be part of the problem as depicted here!

These cougars aren’t your mom and unless they’re feeling extra kinky and they never will be. They just want to share whatever time they have left with a younger man that can make them feel special. If just for a moment they can feel young again they’ll do it. I for one applaud them and that isn’t just because I like to date cougars, it’s because that’s just a nice thing for them to have.

Don’t believe for a second that because you’re more youthful and these cougars are more mature that in some way this makes them eager. No. Actually, these cougars can get any old man that they need, but they’re just looking for the endurance, rigidity and electric power of a more energetic person. Get that through your mind and you’re sure to truly have a good time with as many mature babes as you can handle.

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Posted By Admin on 09/29/18

I love a woman who’s not afraid to be herself. And one of the best ways that a woman can be herself is to not alter her body from it’s natural sexy glory. I love seeing a wild hairy pussy just begging to be fucked, and when you use this discount link for 24% off We Are Hairy, you will get tons of natural pussies to get you off time and time again.

The women here are horny, hot, and love baring all for the camera. You will see fully exclusive high definition videos and high res photos that you can’t find anywhere else. In fact, they update multiple times every single day so that members always have fresh material to get them off!

As far as action goes, there is tons of variety here. Everything from solo girls, to hardcore sex, and even true carpet munchers! They even have live cam shows where you can see real women in real time! I can’t think of anything more exciting than that!

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Posted By Admin on 09/10/18

Can you even have a conversation about extreme fuck videos without mentioning Kink.com? They set the gold standard for all things kinky and extreme. With over 50 kink channels bringing you a variety of hot niches, they are dominating just about every kinky niche you could think of.

There’s tons of bondage action on Hogtied, Brutal Sessions, Sadistic Rope, Water Bondage, and many others. For fetishes they have Foot Worship, Fucking Machines, Everything Butt, Gangbang, and multiple TS channels among others. There are multiple channels for the femdom channel, and there are even a multitude of gay channels. There are even live cam shows to enjoy!

As you can see, there’s tons of variety and something for everyone who loves to push their sexual limits. It’s all exclusive and original and you’ll see over 10,000 hours of HD videos. There are over 10 updates every single week, including high resolution photos. With this deal you can save 51% on Kink with our discount, which will get you off time and time again!

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Posted By Admin on 07/04/18

The title is supposed to be a little play on words but i think it turned out a touch sloppy and probably a lot corny.

Gonzo porn means point of view porn which, without getting too much into the detail and history and boring you shitless is about the filing technique. Having the majority of the camera angles done in such a way that it seems to be from the point of view (PoV) of the first person. Not only is it naturally a lot more immersive which is exactly what you are looking for when you’re fulfilling an erotic fantasy but it also makes better camera angles available.

At Perfect Gonzo then it is exactly about that the name suggests – it is about perfecting this art which I believe they achieve without question. It’s actually noticeable once pointed out and they have gone beyond that as they refine their art. The models are absolutely stunning too, where they find so many good looking people is beyond me at times.

For great deals as well as a 34% discount to Perfect Gonzo check out that link.

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Posted By Admin on 04/11/18

If you want some high-quality porn videos, I know just the place for you. You can join here for 74% off Perfect Gonzo and get into a nice little network with some hot niche sites, all in amazing video-quality. Check out the pretty girls getting fucked hard in their assholes, leaving some big gapers. They’re also swapping sperm with other hot bitches after they milk a cock dry. You won’t be disappointed with their amazing big tits either.

This isn’t the best site for lots of hardcore kinky stuff, but you will find a good number of bondage videos and some rougher sex. Hey, they’re trying to make a little bit of an appeal to everyone with their own style and flair. I think they’re doing a pretty good job of it. Mainly, you can expect hardcore sex in great footage with a dash of kinky and extreme.

The site’s always growing with regular updates and you’ll find some good-looking girls here, baring down on some big dicks to stretch out their juicy holes. Check it out and grab your deal!

Posted By Admin on 03/07/18

Check out this great list of Gonzo Porn Discounts.

A collection of 20 sites total all offering fantastic specials. Prime Cups is one of my favourites on that list, as you can deduct from the pic I chose. They’re offering $10 off their regular membership fee giving you an in at only $19.95.

I even see a few less than 10 bucks deals on there to some quality sites making those an absolute steal.

One one of them is even offering a discount of 87%! Try and put in perspective just how huge a saving that is. Imagine that you get 87% off your next months rent or perhaps your groceries bill.

I see Street Blowjobs on the list too. I love that voyeuristic and daring kind of stuff. It really gets the blood rushing. It makes me wish my girlfriend would let us try something a little more risky sometimes like sex in a clothing booth or a quicky in public bathroom.

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Posted By Admin on 02/17/18

One of my most favorite classes in college was a philosophy class on deconstruction. Deconstruction got really big in France after World War II. A lot of long held ideas like freedom, democracy, equality, you name it, were under assault because it seems that the more people dreamed of the big stuff in life, the more reality bit them in the ass. It seems like we package and carry ourselves like we are angels, but ultimately, it’s our demonic side that gets the better of us. So what gives?

The whole deconstructivist movement came about and the whole idea is that if you want real freedom, you have to pick apart the things that you choose to believe about your reality and about yourself. Pretty straightforward. And the whole concept of narratives was really born and really grew up during that period.

Now, what does any of this have to do with meet for sex websites? Well, it has everything to do with it because if you want to be successful at such websites, you have to deconstruct your attitude towards these sites and how you behave at such sites.

It really doesn’t get any simpler than that because most guys come in with a loser mindset. They think that it is unnecessarily hard. They think that pussy is elusive. They think that the chances of them getting picked by chicks for random sex is going to be miniscule.

So what the fuck do you think will happen if you believe these things? That’s right, you’re going to act like a punk bitch. You’re going to try something in a halfhearted way without the level of conviction that you need to win, and then you get defeated. You won’t find the girls on https://www.freesexmeet.com/

That’s right. You take a shot, the ball bounces off the backboard, and you refuse to make another shot again. Understand how this plays out. Understand your inner narrative and deconstruct that shit and focus it on the reality you wish to believe in.

Now, I’m not saying that you should somehow engage in self-delusion. Instead, I’m saying that you should pay attention to objective facts and understand that there are more than one interpretation to the feedback that reality is giving you. If you’re able to do this, then you can make your personal reality, or at least your success rates at meet for sex websites, more bearable.

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